Upcoming Conference Dates and Locations: 

Spring WACTA Conference

March 12-13, 2018

Heathman Lodge

7801 NE Greenwood Drive
Vancouver, Washington, 98662

To reserve a room, use the following link:

The Heathman Lodge, Vancouver, $159

Paper Registration (checks or purchase orders): Word | pdf


Online Registration (credit cards only)

Restaurant Selection for Monday Night Dinner

Conference AGENDA


 National Policy Seminar  March 5-7, 2018 Washington DC ACTE
 Summer WA-ACTE Conference August 5-8, 2018        Davenport Grand, Spokane WA WA-ACTE
 Fall WACTA Conference  October 8-9, 2018Davenport Grand, Spokane, WA     
 Spring WACTA Conference  February 26-27, 2019RL Olympia (Red Lion) Olympia, WA  
 Summer WA-ACTE Conference     Davenport Grand, Spokane WA 
 Fall WACTA Conference         October 14-15, 2019Coast Wenatchee Hotel, Wenatchee WA